Surveillance Abuse and Torture Explained


Surveillance and Space based weapons have a long history in our government, systems and global societies. Our current state of surveillance capabilities are far more advanced than most of the public is aware of.

You might have seen reports of the “Havana Syndrome” that has hit the US Diplomats and Government leaders, but this really only explains a fraction of this abuse. Understanding the current state of this technology, attack methods and where this industry came from is really important in getting help for innocent people, such as myself, that are unlawfully targeted by people who have access to these technologies.

I have explained in my petition my general story, so if you have not read that please see that here:    before reading about this technology in more detail. The aim of this flyer is to explain these capabilities and prove their long existence and abuse in order to drive change, regulation and crowdsource help.

Explaining Surveillance Tech

Since dealing with this abuse, I have been conducting months of research on this topic and based on this, I will summarize these issues in 3 categories.

  1. First Degree of Surveillance - cameras, social media tracking, technology recording etc.
  2. Second Degree of Surveillance - biodata, biomarkers and the monitoring of mass thoughts
  3. Attack Weapons and Targeting - weapons that are born out of the first two categories but are designed to attack, manipulate or control.

The Technology and Military Relationship

One of the more recent discoveries I found when starting to research this abuse is that technology has always gone hand in hand with the military. Oftentimes, the justification for investments in science and discovery came from military spending. This is a key concept to understand because it will help explain the industry of weaponized surveillance technology and the criminal trafficking that has inevitably formed.

NASA:Space Exploration & Weapons

“Even though Congress's intention in forming NASA was to establish a purely civilian space agency, according to David a combination of circumstances led the agency to commingle its activities with black programs operated by the U.S. military and Intelligence Community.” (Source:

In this document, you will see that space based weapons have been developing since the end of World War II and this relationship explains the current space weapons and surveillance landscape.

Google:Commercial Search & CIA, NSA, Global Tracking

Two decades ago, the US intelligence community worked closely with Silicon Valley in an effort to track citizens in cyberspace. And Google is at the heart of that origin story. Some of the research that led to Google’s ambitious creation was funded and coordinated by a research group established by the intelligence community. The intelligence community hoped that the nation’s leading computer scientists could take non-classified information and user data, combine it with what would become known as the internet, and begin to create for-profit, commercial enterprises to suit the needs of both the intelligence community and the public. That collaboration has made a comprehensive public-private mass surveillance state possible today” (Source: ) This again, helps lay the understanding that our technology though good has always paired with weaponry, surveillance and military.

Elite Crime:Criminal Networks & Illegal Military Access

From the above research, it is easy to see how our technologies have always served a dual purpose as a commercial and defense/surveillance tool. These weapons are very powerful and are at the level of being able to track anyone in the world, listen to any conversation, hack any technology, physically assault people without an obvious trace, listen to people’s thoughts, and even torture and assisinate an opponent. Being that most people don’t even know the military/CIA have this ability, there has been no regulation on these capabilities, or push for it from the general public. This lack of awareness creates a prime industry for elite crime.

The crime and access to this technology can be summarized into three main categories:

  1. The buying and selling of physical satellite surveillance systems
  2. The selling of back door accesses to government surveillance systems and weapons
  3. The use of criminal revenge for hire, and satellite torture through cartels and mobs

This illegal market has formed globally and this idea has been a part of our history since technology began. General “unofficial” selling of weapons is sometimes referred to as “ghost guns” or the buying and selling of weapons intended for military use. They are accessed and sold without any tracking.

There is another issue surrounding this topic around illegal experimentation by holders of these weapons that I have detailed <>. However, the following paragraphs are going to detail the use of these technologies as a way to silence, harass, intimidate an opponent, or to control an outcome or situation.

History of Private Hires: Example: Wiretapping

“Until the 1920s, wiretapping was most often used by private detectives and corporations. It wasn’t until the Prohibition that it became a common law enforcement tool”. “Then, the 1930s brought revelations that wiretapping was a widespread and viciously effective tool for corporate management to root out union activity”.”It’s only in the 1920s that ordinary Americans start to take notice of wiretapping and it's not really until the 1950s that it's seen as a national problem. Even then, it’s mostly the issue of private wiretapping that concerns people. Wiretapping for hire was extremely common in certain locations, most famously in New York. Needless to say, the American public was worried about this army of unofficial actors who had the ability and the know-how to tap into the rapidly expanding telephone network.” (Source:

Wiretapping is an old example but it demonstrates the early illegal surveillance for hire industry. With the increase in space based surveillance capabilities that progressively grew larger from the Cold War, Gulf War and the War on Terror, surveillance for hire and directed energy weapons skyrocketed unchecked, becoming cheaper and more accessible for elite and criminals. This market grew internationally as well, with some adversaries claiming to have even more advanced capabilities than the US.

Breaking Down The Technology: Way More Advanced than a Microwave Weapon

As discussed previously, there are two methods that I believe are happening. I am still in the process of understanding these capabilities fully as this technology is classified or just not talked about, but criminals are either obtaining satellites themselves that come equipped with military directed energy beams, or they are gaining illegal access to a much more sophisticated government and military weapons system.

Remote Neural Monitoring

The starting point is with mass surveillance and monitoring. At this point, everyone is monitored by the government. But the extent of the mass surveillance is not discussed. Discussing this is not aimed at vilifying the government or the tech industry, but laying the foundation that is necessary to understand the extent of these attack methods. This is more than just cameras that see through walls, but actual brain and thought monitoring. Everyone is brain monitored, even public officials, and this data is stored on mass servers. The idea is that if you later become a person of interest, they would be able to access your information quickly instead of hiring a team to track you like before.

However, this decently invasive situation turns into a full scale assault once someone with a lot of money decides they want to hurt or silence you. Then, criminals, elite, or state officials can gain backdoor access to this system of monitoring and actually connect a “remote” to your brain and start sending “coded” energy signals to your brain directly.

Your brain acts as a receiver, and your brain energy waves are unique which allows your brain to also act as a fingerprint.

The frequencies themselves are pulses of energy that again have been specifically coded based on how your brain functions. The types of energy have changed over time from initial microwave and radio waves that can induce general actions such as nausea or fatigue to much more dangerous smaller components of energy attacks using photons (energy particles) that can be pulsed and coded to mimic actual neural firings. This technology is at a sophistication that basically creates a digital clone of your brain and sends communication like a remote or computer program would. The specifics of these capabilities cannot be summed up in a paragraph, so to see the latest understanding that I have found on this please go here: <>

The Victim’s Experience

These weapons emit targeted energy in the form of frequency pulses that trick the victims brain into perceiving false things or starting biological processes artificially. Because this technology has advanced to the point of manipulating the brain center directly, the possibilities for severe pain and permanent harm are pretty endless.

Almost everyday I will experience constant uncontrollable pulsing energy in my body when I try to rest, muscle spasms all throughout my limbs, stomach, back etc. My head will either be shocked like mini electrical pins are hitting it, or scattered like tiny bugs are crawling all over it, constantly. Some nights my abuser will put intense pressure on my nerves in order to cause slow aching pain, or press on my stress points in order to prevent me from relaxing and falling asleep. If I finally get to sleep, I will experience dream manipulation regularly, sometimes nightmares, other times just a busier mind that clearly didn’t get any rest. They can trigger orgasms and rape like feelings. Sometimes throughout the night I will wake up to swollen feet and legs from my attacker releasing fluids in my gut. They can trigger the release of hormones to cause depressive or anxious feelings or can go straight to the emotional cortext of your brain and trigger immediate depressive feelings making you cry on impact.

These attacks are not just limited to pain and manipulation but are life threatening. On the worst days, my airways were restricted to my lungs and brain causing a near stroke and hyperventilation. This also leads to pain around your heart and chest and an inability to see clearly. There are times when they turn off my senses like a switch, making it hard to hear in one ear or my eyes would burn, and they would send small to major pulses of energy to my brain that create the feeling of someone punching you or knocking you out completely.

Call to Action

If this sounds like a nightmare, it's because it is. It is a living breathing nightmare every day, 24/7, and it's not the future, it's right now and it's very real! This is a severe crime, one of the worst that humanity is committing at this point, and right now, our leaders and fellow holders of these capabilities are looking the other way. There are countless claims of people just like me that have tried to get our justice systems and the technical community to stand up to this and nothing has been done. Silence on all sides, even with this topic in the news. This industry has been building for almost 80 years now, and these crimes have gotten to this point because nobody was told about this or its true extent. Please help me stop this abuse!