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Electronic Abuse


Electronic abuse is the use of electronics or electromagnetic weapons to harm, monitor, or manipulate people.

Why is it done?

The reasons for this abuse can vary, but the main ones are usually to intimidate, silence, or torture an opponent, and to surveillance or monitor an individual.

How is it done?

There are many technologies, but all of them work on the idea that the human body and other organisms absorb and emit energy. This energy can be used to trick our brain and systems into doing an action and sensing severe pain. In addition these energy flows can be sensed or monitored from a distance to gather private information. These weapons enable abusers to commit the same if not worse offenses as other large scale weapons without producing the images that would alarm people.

Who are the victims?

Anyone can be monitored and most people are unknowingly. However, some abusers choose to harm specific people because thay are wistleblowers, or threats to someone powerful. In addition the sellers of these weapons are conducting non-consenting experiments on a growing number of civilians.

How can you help?

The best thing you can do is spread awareness about this growing crime and the threat that mass surveillance has to our society. In addition, we could use people skilled in technology, physics, and the body to help us better understand and prove this "silent torture" abuse.

My Story
My story begain by being internet stalked by someone powerful. My technology was then meddled with and thats how I learned the surveillance capabilities that some people have. When I was ready to tell my story, I started getting directed energy attacks and 24/7 monitoring. There may be other smaller motives but I believe this is the main one. Full Story Soon.

Please Sign My Petition! Though its not a solution, its a tool to help me build awareness. Link Below

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