Nervous System Attacks

Triggering the Nervous System is one of the main types of electronic abuse attack types, as this controls most of our bodily functions. Therefore, learning about this system and how abusers are able to manipulate it is key for healing, pain elimination, and prevention. I detail below scientific facts about the body and the physics of light and pressure. I also include opinions/ideas about how I think this abuse is happening based on this knowledge. Being that I do not own this technology, I dont know for sure how this works. This is my best guess. If you know any information that can help, please share!

August Research: Nerve Pressure

Pressure Definition: A force applied perpendicular

Pushing Pressure of Light: Light Photons have two applicable properties: energy and momentum. Momentum is what allows light to apply a force on a material if the light is not all refracted. Light pulls with a focused beam and a shallow container, and it pulls with a large beam and large container. So pressure ultimately depends on the light and the fluid/medium. The pushing pressure of light is what I believe allows them to attack. Energy transfer might be the key to exciting neurons but the light pressure may be what allows abusers to create nerve damage and pain.

Nerve Attack Types

  • Neuritis: Inflammation of Nerves; Effects: pain and tenderness, impaired sensation, often with numbness or hypersensitivity, impaired strength and reflexes, and abnormal circulation and decreased ability to sweat in the distribution of the inflamed nerve or nerves.
  • Pinched Nerve: Pressure on Nerve; Effects: pressure disrupts the nerve's function, causing pain, tingling, numbness or weakness
  • Inflammation of Neurons:
    1. Inflammation of Sensory Neurons in nerve fibre cause sensations of tingling, burning, stabbing pain
    2. Inflammation of Motor Neurons causes muscle weakness and pain

      Remedies Research

      The remedies are going to depend on what is happening, I think it is either: 1. Direct pressure of a nerve site that effects other nerves 2. Pressure to a neuron bunch of 3. Inflammation as a result of these things or heat

      It seems like most anti-inflammatories work to relieve pain and the sensation of pressure, but since the pressure might still be acting on the nerves, remedies that heal nerves may be recommended. I am not sure if this pressure is also affecting blood vessels, but if thats the case then blood pressure remedies are needed. Since pressure is a force, I find massaging the area to disperse the effects to be helpful. There is medication that works on neural damage that I will continue to research. In addition I am researching light physics to diffract the light and hopefully relieve the intensity of pressure.

Sleep Issue Remedies

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